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Wardrobe Stylist for Elite Model Management opens trending pop-up retail store in Savannah Georgia

November 21, 2009

Wardrobe stylist for Elite Model Management, Heather Scott, 
opens pop-up retail store in Savannah, Georgia featuring up and coming designers at moderate   
prices. Paper Doll, located in Savannah Mall, is the first in the area to feature the pop-up retail craze. Although new to the Savannah market the location has become a success with college aged girls. Currently Paper Doll’s facebook page has a whopping 527 fans.
Currently pop-up stores are a trending topic in cities such as New York City and London. Many of the locations, including Paper Doll, offer mid to high-end brands for a limited time and a limited price with an expected end of business date in mind.
Scott hopes to bring something different to Savannah by offering brands she has discovered 
while living in Los Angeles. Paper Doll will also be offering merchandise to those who live outside of 
the Savannah area. Currently shoppers in the Statesboro area can place an order on Paper Doll’s 
facebook page and have orders delivered to them on Thursdays free of charge. 
Paper Doll is located near Bass Pro and across from New York and Co.. Current hours are 
Monday through Saturday 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Sunday noon to 6 p.m.. Shoppers can expect to find 
brands ranging from Max &Cleo to Free People, all at moderate prices.
For more information contact Heather Scott at 912.925.0399

Savannah Fashion Blog returns in time for the holidays

November 18, 2009

I am apologizing for the lack of posts through the fall season. With graduating comes long papers and heavy loads of homework. However, no tears Savannah fashionistas, things are in full swing for the holidays. Happy Holidays to all.

Katrina M.  Sage

Our Beloved Soiree Moves Back Home~

June 30, 2009


Bleu Belle Store Front. This image belongs to Heather Burge and the Bleu Belle Family

Bleu Belle Store Front. This image belongs to Heather Burge and the Bleu Belle Family


Looks like the much talked about Drayton Towers is unable to hold it’s own as far as retail is concerned. Bleu Belle boutique has made an announcement via facebook that their much loved Soiree Store would be relocating into the main Bleu Belle location on Broughton Street. Personally I am sad to see the move. I have bought many of items at that location along with several of my fashionista friends. We know the dreaded move will result in smaller selection of formal and cocktail attire to chose from.

However, we are sure that Heather and her Bleu Belle crew will not disappoint  and make sure that we have all the great things we loved about Soiree in BleuBelle.

Hmm. I wonder if my favorite couch made its way over to Bleu Belle as well?

If you have any information concerning Drayton Towers please comment and let me know. Also if you hear of any other stores leaving this location

DraytonTower signature

Interesting Fall Trends ’09

June 20, 2009

I was viewing the latest collections from several designers to find some very interesting trends to emerge. Just when we think we are done with the 80’s designers bring them back stronger and stranger then ever.  I am curious to see how average brands such as EXPRESS and others pull off the new Baroque inspired pieces and futuristic shoulder pads. As always it will be a few seasons before we sees these trends get a running start in the Hostess City. 

Gianfranco-Ferre-Fall-Fashion-2009-003_runway Channel your inner aviatrix with Gianfranco Ferre  futuristic shoulder pads


Become a work of art with this Burberry Prorsum gown


 80’s inspired studs and spikes make a come back. 


July’s Hidden Find of The Month

June 19, 2009

n1347175762_30128846_1092Most of Savannah’s fashionistas know about the great boutiques that can be found around Broughton Street. Instead of featuring a Boutique of The Month,  I figured I would share with you this great hidden boutique that offers great brands and great prices.


logoThis great shopping location is nestled down town at 414 Whitaker Street. Full of great items ranging from clothing to candles, Custard is sure to please even the toughest shoppers. Add Custard Boutique on Facebook and you can steadily find owner Tara Kirkland up loading photos of new merchandise that have just arrived. It’s like getting a preview on-line before you head downtown and fight parking. :). The great location has such popular brands as FCUK 

“YAY”  Sweet Pea, Supper Maggie and Kenize.

“Custard Boutique is fashion forward and offers eco-friendly clothes, shoes and accessories to meet everyone’s price point shape and style,” says Custard owner Tara Kirkland. 



Sweet Pea

Earnest Swen 

Supper Maggie


n1347175762_30118473_3472 n1347175762_30378471_3365619n1347175762_30395400_58857




Glow’s Courtney Victor and Bleu Belle’s Mitchell Hall nominated for Savannnah’s Hottest Singles

June 12, 2009

southVoteI know I am a little late reporting on this very important fashionista moment. I have been slightly under the weather. My dear friend and beauty advisor Courtney Victor along with Bleu Belle’s Mitchell Hall have been nominated for Savannah’s Hottest Singles hosted by The South mag. If you have been watching me on twitter and facebook, I have been campaigning through out the week for our fellow fashionistas to take home the grand prize. Currently both Courtney and Mitchell are in the top three, but the race isn’t over until Mongo “The South’s most beloved pooch” says so.   Voting began Monday June 8, and will continue until the end of today. So get your votes in and look back here in the morning to see who has won Savannah’s Hottest Singles.



A Relaxing Fragrance You Must Try.

June 10, 2009

prod_bodylot  I was feeling slightly beneath the weather today as I completed some medical testing to determine a new allergy I developed, when  I decide to venture in to Glow and see Courtney to lift my spirits.  While visiting and picking up new mascara, Courtney introduced me to a new fragrance called “kai”. Recommended by Oprah and my dear friend Courtney I thought I would give this heavenly body lotion a try. Once I was home and out of the shower I lathered on this spring fresh scent and a much needed smile emerges. Not only was the scent great, but when I awoke for class the next day the scent still lingered, my running partner Articia wanted to know what smelled so great. 

Recommended Products “all can be found at Glow” located in Savannah

prod_bodylot       kai body lotion
our classic scented moisturizer contains safflower seed oil, shea butter, apricot kernel oil, and cucumber fruit extract.

                     prod_bodyperf    kai perfume oil 

 our intoxicating perfume oil fragrance made with essential oils in a convenient and easy to use roll-on vial $45